Hotel Windsor

One of Downtown Phoenix's Historic Hotels

The railroad's expansion in the mid 19th Century transformed the American West, leading to the growth of Phoenix as a trade hub and state capital, and subsequently the construction of the Hotel Windsor.

The railroad changed the West and the world in many different ways. In the mid 19th Century, the US expanded its rail lines west. The railroad made it much faster to travel across the American West.

Phoenix grew from railroad expansion. The city became the trade hub of Arizona, and the state capitol moved from Prescott to Phoenix.

The population and business growth demanded more hotels for visitors. A.D. Walsh built a hotel on the corner of 6th Avenue in Adams Street in downtown Phoenix to accommodate government officials and tourists visiting the valley. The hotel changed its name in 1925 and added a third story. It has since gone through a renovation in the 1950s and is no longer a hotel but a home for older adults.

The Hotel Windsor is one of several historic hotels in downtown Phoenix.


Hotel Windsor Exterior
Hotel Windsor Exterior Front View of Building Source: Kabugenyo/Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain Creator: Kabugenyo Date: 24 September 2012
1968 Advertisement
1968 Advertisement This advertisement from 1968 in the Arizona Republic promotes cheap 10 dollar and up rooms at the Hotel-Windsor. Source: Windsor Advertisement, Page 53, Arizona Republic, 1968. Date: 1968


546 W Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85003


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