A longstanding Kosher bakery in the downtown Phoenix area closed on March 26, 2014 after being open for nearly fifty years.

Karsh's Bakery opened in 1965 and would then relocate to its last location in downtown Phoenix in 1980. The last location for the bakery was at Seventh Street near Missouri Avenue. Karsh's Bakery was one of only a handful of bakeries that was supervised by the Phoenix Vaad Hakashruth. The Phoenix Vaad Hakashruth is an Orthodox, non-profit organization that oversees Kosher certification in Phoenix, Arizona.

The bakery was known for making a variety of pastries, bagels, and breads by hand everyday. Karsh's Bakery was particular recognized for their handmade Challah and Rye breads. The bakery even supplied local restaurants in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area with their baked goods.

On March 26, 2014, after nearly fifty years of being in business, Karsh's Bakery would close its doors for the last time. The bakery was suffering from the increasing amount of bakeries moving into the area and could no longer compete. Patrons came out to Karsh's Bakery one last time to sample the pastries and baked goods from their local establishment. Wayne Kindig, the owner, could be seen behind the counter of the bakery enjoying one last conversation with his customers. There is still some possibility that Karsh's bakery could open its doors again in the future, but in a smaller capacity.



5555 N. 7th St. Phoenix, AZ 85014