Tempe National Bank Building

The businessmen of Tempe opened up Tempe National Bank in 1901 to put the then small agricultural town on the map financially. Some stockholders included popular figures in Arizona history like Thanks Anderson, Carl Hayden, and Michael E. Curry among others. Thanks Anderson was mayor of Tempe from 1930-1932 and 1934-1937 and became branch manager and eventual vice-president of the bank.

Although Tempe was known as an agricultural powerhouse, the bank was a place where the few businessmen could come together. Famous Tempe businessman and historical figure B.B. Moeur even held his medical practice in the building. Tempe made its money early on as an agricultural society and was populated mostly by farmers and mill workers. In 1935 Tempe National Bank merged with the First National Bank of Arizona. As the years went on and Tempe's population soared, the small agricultural town turned into a booming metropolis and banking in Tempe became even more important. Today, the building still exists as a bank and reminds Tempe of its early days when agricultural plots were the norm and not an ATM on every corner.

"The Tempe National Bank was once a handsomely detailed building constructed in 1912 in the Egyptian Revival style. The building underwent a 'modernization' in 1949 which obscured the original character. It was saved from demolition in 2005 and its original scale and proportion." (Tempe Preservation, Mill Ave Tour)