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The Rosson House

A Haunted History

The Rosson House, originally built in 1895 for the affluent Rosson family and now a museum, has a haunting history, with reports of paranormal activity including sightings of the murdered caretaker, doors locking on their own, objects moving, and even the fireplace emitting phantom heat and lighting itself.

The Rosson House was built in 1895 for the wealthy Rosson family. It was occupied by several other inhabitants before being added to the National Register of Historic Places and purchased by the City of Phoenix in 1974. Today, the Victorian mansion is a museum, fully restored to its original condition and filled with 19th-century furniture. 

However, early in its iteration as a museum, tragedy struck: one of the caretakers was shot to death just outside the house. The murdered man has appeared to employees and visitors alike, frequently around the staircase. Employees have reported doors locking on their own and objects moving throughout the museum. Perhaps spookiest is the fireplace, which, despite its rare use, has been reported to emit phantom heat - and even lighting itself.

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Sinister Sightings
Sinister Sightings The Rosson House is known for frequent apparitions of a caretaker, who was murdered outside of the house in the 1980s. Source: The Arizona Republic Creator: Michael Chow/The Republic Date: 2017
Haunted Happenings
Haunted Happenings The Rosson House is featured in several of Phoenix's ghost tours. Source: Creator: US Ghost Tours


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