Weedville, Arizona

Weedville, Arizona was a small community founded in 1911, in an area which at the time was outside the city limits of Peoria.
Ora Rush Weed (1868–1942) was a Methodist minister from Kansas. It is unknown why Weed decided to leave his hometown and with his wife Phoebe and family.

They moved and settled in Arizona. Some of the members of his Kansas ministry followed him and together they homesteaded the area north of Thunderbird Road and 75th Ave, outside of what at the time were the city limits of Peoria


Old Farm Equipment in Weedville These are pieces of farm equipment left behind by original farmers. Some of the equipment can be found today at the Peoria Historical Society. Source: Peoria Historical Society Date: c. 1920-30
The Weed Family Rev. Ora Rush Weed and his family in front of their home in 1912. Source: Peoria Historical Society Date: c. 1912
Original Schoolhouse Children in Weedville and surrounding areas attended school in this building. Source: Peoria Historical Society Date: c. 2000
Final resting place for Ezra R. Weed. Source: Peoria Historical Society
Broomcorn, principle product of Weedville. Weed ran a farm which produced broomcorn. He then established a broom factory using the broom grass and stalks of the broomcorn. He employed many ex-convicts who had gained experience as broom makers in prison. As such the factory helped support the small community economically Source: Peoria Historical Society



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