Old Maricopa County Administration Building

The original building of the Maricopa County Courthouse has been around since the 1870s. This building has been known as the first permanent structure in Phoenix. The adobe construction allowed the building to stay cool on its own without the use of other devices. The inclusion of the tower clock was beneficial to the transportation system. The Trolley System relied on this clock to stay on their scheduled routes.

Over time in the early 1900s there was an increase in population causing movement away from Central Phoenix. More people where moving out to the suburbs. The increase of people moving into the area was partially due to the invention of the air conditioning system. During the early 1920s there was a big use of the air conditioning system known as the “Sun Belt,” where the south region of the country is much warmer. These systems were added to homes and more people wanted to move to desert cities like Arizona.

The expanded population demanded a justice system away from central Phoenix. There have been new courthouses built throughout the valley to meet the needs of a growing population. The Maricopa County Courthouse is one of many courthouses in the valley.